a private investment firm

investment management

Venture Capital

We seek early stage: seed, start -up and first expansion opportunities taking a majority or minority positions in companies, and partnerships to create significant advantages within our areas of interest.  

Private Equity

Our main goal and interest in developed business is to add value to accelerate growth, achieve better combination of risk and return.  We focus on companies in cross-border situations where our geographical expertise, relationships and capital allow businesses to enter new markets more effectively.

investment banking

Strategic Advice

MRKV Investment Banking provides strategic advisory services to companies to established businesses, entrepreneurs and start-up teams, companies that undergo restructuring or are seeking to enter new markets.

Our advice allows clients to develop a log-term corporate strategy, plan mergers, acquisitions or divestitures or prepare for capital raising.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organic growth shall always be complemented with external opportunities to grow through acquisitions, other forms of equity combination as well as strategic alliances, partnerships and joint ventures.  

MRKV investment bankers are engaged to seek and execute such opportunities in the local or international markets. 

Capital Raising

Early stage as well established businesses may be in need of capital that will exponentially accelerate their organic growth or raise capital to acquire a competitor.

Planning a capital raise in the form of equity, convertible debt